Thermal Imaging is Hot: Photographs of a Fevered Time

“A camera that can measure the heat—or infrared radiation—that an object gives off was invented in 1929.  Nearly 100 years later, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, this health tracking technology has become an essential eye on the rebound of public life. Infrared thermometers and cameras—found on everything from hand-held devices to robots and drones—are now installed in airports and train stations, Amazon warehouses, Apple stores, local hospitals, shopping malls and grocery stores around the world. If it’s not already, temperature scanning will soon be part of the way we live and work.”

Canada’s ‘inevitable’ second wave of COVID-19 will expose surveillance blindspots: experts

“No one knows when a fresh surge of COVID-19 cases will emerge in Canada, but experts agree numbers are poised to rise and could very well explode in surveillance blindspots.

One need only look to South Korea, where infections spread anew through Seoul’s nightclubs and bars, to see how quickly containment successes unravel when undetected cases spark flareups.

Of course, nightclubs remain closed in Canada, but the infection risk of a vast array of public spaces is being tested for the first time in coming weeks — retail stores, golf ranges, bar patios and some offices among them.”